Sunday Mani at home

Welcome back! It's Sunday and hopefully everyone is having a wonderful day. Today I decided to change the color on my nails, I feel like I am getting back to my routine when I'm able to get some "Me" time and I feel relaxed enough to do my nails. So I decided to pick up this color I've had in my collection this color fits so well for fall it's just so pretty and not too much. This NYC collection quick dry is so convenient if you hate having to wait for your nails to dry, it actually does dry so quick so I'm definitely going back to get a few different colors from the "quick dry" collection. Now the nyx did take a bit longer than I wanted to but I still loved the gold sparkle to my fingers you can never go wrong with a bit of gold sparkle. 
What are your favorite gold sparkle nail polishes I'm  really looking to getting different ones that don't take too long to dry.


1. Primetime Orly
2. NYC (Quick dry) Park Ave 246
3. NYX Prismatic gold 158  
4. NYC Long wear (top coat)


  1. I love the colors very pretty!

  2. Love the combination!

  3. Hi Bree! I found your blog through Beautylish on my topic!
    OMG that NYX color is beautiful! I am a bit obsessed with all things sparkle and shimmer right now so I may have to go check it out, not that I need to though, my collection is getting out of hand haha!
    you have a great blog-I followed!

    Hope we can stay in touch and you can check out my blog too <3
    Marianna x o x o